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Wedding Gown Trends for 2012


Flirty, fun and oh so sexy... short is the word for Spring 2012. Whether it's your bridesmaids' dresses or for your own bridal gown, chances are, you'll come across this fabulous wedding fashion trend for 2012. 


Wedding Gown Trends 2012

Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, and Amsale are a few of the top designers that have included this trend in their Spring 2012 wedding dress line up. Here are a few more wedding gown trends for 2012:

A Blush Coloured Gown

Purchasing a wedding gown in an off-white or non-white colour was, until recently, considered a pretty drastic move. Then, a few seasons ago, we began seeing subtle pops of colour—from the faintest hint of silver or lilac to bright lettuce green—but colour was still the exception rather than the rule. This season, however, blush and pink shades appeared on dozens of runways, marking its official debut as an expected—not quirky—wedding gown hue.

Illusin Necklines

We saw lots of unique necklines this season, but "m`ost spotted" goes to the illusion style, in which a sheer, delicate, and often embellished layer of fabric veils skin that would otherwise be exposed. (Think of illusion as "strapless, with coverage," noting its power to transform a sassy, "look at my boobs" situation into something soft, elegant, and romantic.)

Two-Tiered Skirts

Last season in skirts, three-dimensional florals hit significant mass. This season, designers concentrated on hemlines, creating skirts with two separate tiers. Call it an exaggerated form of the peplum detail from previous seasons, and this time, it's really pleasing—the top tier is a great way to disguise wider hips.

Horsehair Trim

Don't fret, animal rights activists, horsehair does not come from our beautiful equine friends; it's a man-made fabric often used on the underskirts of gowns to form a cleaner shape and a crisper hemline.  Keeping with the trend of turning dresses inside-out (see last season's corsets), designers are now revealing this underlay fabrication, either as a visible hemline treatment or a lavishly looped sash or bodice feature. It works to create unbelievable volume and dimension on ballgowns and also provides a unique, frothy-yet-modern textural aspect.

Lace Sleeves

Since the April Bridal Market Week took place a few weeks before the Royal Wedding, several designers were stimulated by Kate Middleton and what she might be wearing on the wedding day. For many, this meant lace sleeves, a sleeker, more contemporary version of the huge sleeves that engulfed Princess Diana so many years ago. Turns out the newly dubbed Duchess of Cambridge did end up wearing lace sleeves to her wedding, and it's only a matter of time before this regal look catches on in a big way.

How to acknowledge the death of a parent at your wedding


How do you keep the mood cheerful while honouring a deceased relative at your wedding? If a parent or other close family relative has passed away recently, it's important to find a suitable way to remember them without ruining the blissful feel of the wedding. After all, a wedding is a celebration, and while an absent parent is without doubt sad, it shouldn't overwhelm the wedding day.

acknowledging a parent at wedding

Here are some ways to honour a parent:

  • Wear a piece of jewellery or article of clothing. (eg: your mother’s wedding dress or your father’s cuff links).
  • Carry the same flowers that your mother had in her wedding bouquet.
  • At the end of or in the back part of the wedding program, it is appropriate to add a memoriam line. (eg:“Today we honour those who could not be with us, especially…mother of the bride Janet Smith and Grandfather to the groom Larry Cruthers.)  
  • Set up a special table at the wedding ceremony or reception with a flower arrangement and a card saying “In memory of those loved ones who are not with us today”
  • Include a moment of silence in the ceremony to honor him or have a candle lit in his memory. 
  • Have someone read the persons favorite passage of Scripture, fiction, or poetry
  • Visit the grave after the ceremony and leave your bouquet there
    At the wedding reception, you could display wedding pictures of family members, or pictures of loved ones with the bride/groom. This is a more subtle way of including the ones whom have passed in your day.

Those are some of my favourite for you to consider.

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