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Wedding Reception Centerpiece Game Ideas


In most cases, the centerpiece at a wedding reception should be something that is very attractive - making every guest hope that they'll be the one to take home the centerpiece. I've overheard many a conversation at the wedding as people notice the centerpieces on the table about who might take home the prize that night.

To decide the winner of the centerpiece, it would be wise to device a challenge in which the winner will be given the prize (aka – the centerpiece). If you think of any game, it should be something which every guest will not only take enjoyment in, but something which every guest will be keen on participating in. You can think of so many ideas, but try to come up with something unique or extraordinary that will delight the guests - they'll appreciate anything innovative and interesting.

Below are a few activities that you can use to involve your guests in the centerpiece game:

The bride and groom can affix a number to the centerpiece and the guests will then be given a number. When the centerpiece is decided to be given, the winning number will be called and the guest with that number is given the centerpiece.

You can decide to request something strange from the guests, kind of like "Lets make a Deal." The item will be made public and the guest who produces the item is given the centerpiece. But remember that it should be something that cannot easily be found.

You can also think of the game of dollar bills. This is one and the same thing like music chairs. But in this game, no chairs are used. Instead, a loonie (for our American friends  - a dollar bill) is handed to the guests and the music is started. At some point, the music stops and whomever is holding the dollar will be given the centerpiece.

A few other popular choices are to find out whose birthday is on that day or the closest to the wedding day or the longest married couple and they would be given the centerpiece.

Just come up with something out of the ordinary and make sure everyone has some fun with it.

The Wedding Ring Finger


Weddings are sacred occasions in which the nuptials confirm the couples into an eternal relation. A marriage cannot be completed without a wedding ring and in some countries a couple can only wed each other only by exchanging the wedding ring. It is a must in every wedding.


wedding rings

The wedding ring symbolizes love, fidelity and marital loyalty to each other and is often worn on the left ring finger, which is the fourth finger from the thumb of the left hand.

It is believed that the left ring finger contains the “vena amoris” or “vein of love” - a vein that runs from the heart to the fourth finger of the left hand. Henry Swinburne first used the term “vena amoris” in the year 1686.

But in countries like India, Chile, Venezuela, Spain it is worn on the right ring finger. The conservative Christians and Jews in Eastern European countries also wear the wedding ring on the right ring finger.


wedding ring ceremony

In Austria and Netherlands, catholics wear it on the right hand. Wearing the wedding ring on the right ring finger evolves from Roman tradition that is thought that the left hand is a negative one and right hand is a positive one. Wearing the wedding ring on the right or left finger mainly depends on custom and tradition.

Diamond Ice Mold for the Wedding Shower


This is an item I found while looking at another designer's blog and I just had to share it with you - I thought it would make the best add-on to the bridal shower or for the bride at the wedding in her drink - and what woman wouldn't want to walk around with a diamond this big!!



diamond ice cubes


A great gift idea, this whimsical ice mold is shaped like a diamond. These diamonds ice cubes would be great for any special occasion - especially anything bride related. Just fill as you would any ice tray and place one-of-a-kind ice diamond in a rocks glass for a dramatic look. The mold is made from food-safe silicone, is non-stick and releases ice effortlessly.

They can be purchased on-line at - Sur La Table

Modern Scottish wedding traditions


Today’s Scottish wedding service is not as ceremonial or ritualistic, but many of the modern traditions still date back to the past. A week prior to the wedding ceremony the mother of the bride will hold a “show of presents” for her daughter – also known as the bridal shower in other cultures. During the show of presents the female guests bring gifts to assist the new couple set up a home of their own.  

A somewhat more raunchy tradition is the groom’s stag night party. Just before the wedding the groom and his friends go out for a wild night of partying and drinking. Often the groom is so drunk by the end of the evening that he barely notices that his friends disappear and leave him in the street in front of his home, partly or even fully naked, sometimes they tie him up.  

The contemporary Scottish bride will wear a traditional or modern white wedding gown, while the groom dresses in traditional Highland kilt, kilt jacket and sporran. The couple are either bag piped down the isle or traditional Gaelic hymns are played as they walk to the top of the alter. The Highland Wedding is played practically at all Scottish weddings.

Wedding couples may decide to recite their vows in ancient Gaelic or to recite them in modern English. Following the vows the groom often pins a strip of his clan’s tartan colors to the bride’s wedding dress to indicate that she is now a member of his family.

Following the ceremony the couple and all their honored guests head to a private home or to a restaurant for a bountiful reception feast. At the typical Scottish reception you can expect the bride and groom to be “piped” to the their wedding table, where the bride will cut the first slice of wedding cake using a dirk (a long-bladed knife) that is provided to her by the piper. As the bride slices the first piece of wedding cake, custom dictates that the hand of her new husband guides her hand. The wedding reception is filled with music, signing, much drinking and toasting to the health and happiness of the new couple. The partying can go on into the wee hours of the morning.


scottish wedding bagpiper



One custom that hasn’t changed for more than 700 years is the custom of the groom carrying his new bride over the threshold of their new home together. Today’s husband may not be aware that the custom originated to keep evil spirits from entering his wife through her feet, but the custom is performed nonetheless.

Modern Scottish wedding traditions are far more relaxed than they were in the olden days, but even today bits and pieces of the ancient traditions still make Scottish weddings the jolly and joyous occasions that they are.

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