What is a Wedding Aisle Runner?

Posted by Patti Wellington on Sat, Feb 20,2010 @ 12:58 PM

A wedding aisle runner is a long piece of material sometimes plastic, vinyl and even canvas that may serve several purposes at a wedding. Wedding aisle runners have always been used to protect the bride, bridesmaids and women guests attending the wedding from dirt.

Wedding aisle runners can be used at the steps of the church, or on the aisle between seats.  When weddings take place outdoors, wedding runners can prove excellent for protecting dresses. As a Wedding Planner I always tell brides to choose a sturdier fabric for runners when they are hosting an outdoor wedding ceremony.



wedding aisle runner


Many brides choose white or ivory aisle runners, but there is really no limit as to color choices these days. Couples can order elaborate decorations for the runner, including things like the couple’s name or monogram, and they can even custom order sizes and styles. Fabric choices can be custom-made to suit many different décor themes, and include very expensive materials like silk, lace and velvet.



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Not every couple chooses to have a wedding aisle runner. They are often used to protect a dress or shoes from dirt at an outdoor wedding location, but indoor locations surely don’t require them. Of course, some aisles are not in the best possible shape. A beautiful wedding aisle runner can easily cover any spots or dirt on an aisle, which might detract from a bride’s beauty or the otherwise charming nature of the location.

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