Dessert Only Wedding Reception Ideas

Posted by Patti Wellington on Mon, Mar 15,2010 @ 12:36 PM

With the costs of weddings going up every year, couples are trying to find ways to plan a dream wedding and reception and staying within their budgets. To do this, a growing trend is for couples to try different themes for their wedding receptions in lieu of serving a large 4 course meal. You'll start to see some very unique ideas, especially this one - a dessert reception theme.  Let me elaborate a little:

Here are some of the more popular ideas for a dessert only wedding reception. Keep in mind, you can choose to serve only one of these ideas, or several for more assortments so that everyone gets their choice of favourite sweets.

1. Ice Cream Bar

Who doesn't like an ice cream sundae? This idea always works best when using a caterer since they have the equipment to keep everything chilled and cold throughout your reception. Start out with both vanilla or chocolate ice cream and then have bowls and a variety of cones set out of different things for your guests to add to their ice cream - things like chocolate sauce, sprinkles, nuts, cherries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, cookies, marshmallows and much more!



wedding ice cream bar



2.  Make a Cookie Table

Many bakeries, caterers, and local grocery stores can make up extra large platters of assorted cookies for your reception. You could use the platters they arrive in or you can create new ways of displaying them and have them arranged nicely on a buffet table. You can use some height to spread more on the long tables and even consider using round tables so that your guests can walk around to enjoy the display and selecting the ones they would like to munch on. An assortment of chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut, double chocolate, ginger or a special favourite of yours will be should be the signature cookie.



wedding reception cookies



3. Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is a must at a dessert only wedding reception. Most guests will want to try a piece of your cake. You can have a different flavour for each tier, and you can even serve cheesecake instead of the traditional sponge cake. You can also have one of your dessert tables at your reception include the wedding cake, and have someone slice up your cake so that each guest can come by and have a piece of your beautiful wedding cake.


wedding reception pastries



4. The Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are always popular at weddings these days, I'm sreu everyone has come across one by now. They are beautiful to look at and they smell wonderful, and make a great dessert. They rent pretty inexpensively, and they include your favourites in large bowls around the fountain for guests to drizzle with chocolate. Some favourites include pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries and other fruits, cookies and graham crackers.



chocolate fountain



5. Make a Candy Table

Having a candy bar at your wedding reception is another idea growing in popularity. This can be used for your guests consumption or you could set it up as wedding favor. Put out large bowls of your favourite kinds of candy on the table (make sure you purchase lots), along with little take home boxes and baggies and scoops in the candy for each guest to help themselves to their favourite and take home for later.


candy table


Try to remember that not not everyone will be able to handle a dessert reception with sugar filled snacks. Remember to include some sugar free cakes, snacks and candy for anyone with dietary needs (like diabetics).

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