Wedding Flower Girl Bouquet Ideas

Posted by Patti Wellington on Mon, Jan 10,2011 @ 10:27 AM

When you chooose the flower girl for you wedding, you have this vision of a little girl walking down the aisle dropping rose petals for you to walk on as you descend down to meet your future husband.

Here's the unfortunate flipside to that scenario - many churches and ceremony locations are restricting the dropping of fresh flower petals along the aisle. This is due to the fact that the flowers can stain carpets and floors and they can also make floors very slippery, leading to liability issues; it's also a bit of a mess to clean up afterwards, depending on the amount used.

Here are some great ideas for your wedding flower girl's flowers for you to consider:

Ribboned Wand - Instead of a basket, have the flower girl hold a wand embellished with fresh or silk flowers, add long, trailing ribbons or love knots to make it extra special.

wedding flower wand

Posey Ball -  Cover a foam ball or floral foam with silk flowers or fresh flowers and hang it from a looped ribbon so the flower girl can carry it as she walks down the aisle.

wedding posey ball

Mini Bouquet – Have your flower girl carry a small hand tied bouquet of flowers that will mimic the bride's bouquet.

small wedding bouquet

Purse – Consider a small fabric purse filled with flowers – fresh or silk. Have the flower heads popping out of the opening of the purse.

wedding flower purse

Baskets / Buckets – Fabric covered buckets make a beautiful (and sturdy) carrying case for a flower girl. Fill it with fresh or silk flowers or even silk petals. Some of our flowers girls will carry colourful mints for guests to enjoy prior to the wedding service. 

wedding baskets

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