New Trend Alert - Wedding Donuts

Posted by Patti Wellington on Tue, May 01,2012 @ 09:23 AM

Designer wedding donuts are a hot trend in wedding desserts these days …so trendy that some bride and grooms are opting for these delightful deep-fried desserts instead of the traditional wedding cake - by using them as a donut wedding cake tower; how wonderful is that?

These delightful treats are slowly taking over for their delicous cousins, t he wedding cupcakes as the dessert of choice. I'm now starting to see wedding couples include them as part of a self-indulgent dessert table, as wedding favors packaged in an attractive customized paper bag, or included in a gift box for out-of-town guests.

Bakeries are gradually adding gourmet donuts to their menus with very creative and inventive flavor combinations and colorful icings and glazes. Recently we found some really pretty examples of how you can add wedding donuts to your wedding by making them the central point in your dessert table.

Here is a picture from Preston Bailey's Bride Ideas that I thought pretty much said it all:

wedding donuts

Time to enjoy some delectable doughy goodness!

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