Wedding Cake Toppers

Posted by Patti Wellington on Wed, Jul 18,2012 @ 10:47 AM

Every detail of your wedding will give your guests a glimpse into your personality, from the flowers and bouquets you select and the meal you serve to how you decorate the tables, your preference in colours and the design of your cake. But there’s a little detail you might not think of during the initial phases of planning your big day – the cake topper.

Gone are the days when the cake topper was a bride and groom posing stonily. Today, the possibilities are endless. From humorous and cheeky cake toppers to classic and stylish designs, there are literally hundreds to choose from.

wedding cake topper

The best thing about a cake topper is that it doesn’t necessarily have to follow the style of your day. For example, if you’re having a traditional wedding, you can still have a fun cake topper, such as a couple driving away to start the honeymoon. If you’re huge sportsfans, you’re in luck. For the baseball fan, you might want a bride swinging a baseball bat and her groom holding out a mitt or for those who love the links, maybe a bride impatiently waiting for her groom to finish his round of golf is appropriate.

wedding cake toppe1r

If you’re having a themed wedding, you can, of course, incorporate that into your cake topper, such as seashells for a beachside wedding or a castle if you’re more of a princess. Also available these days are cake toppers that reflect our multicultural society and ethnic diversity.
But, if you’re a traditionalist at heart, there are plenty of options for you, from a single, bejeweled initial to a monogrammed topper that you can later display to remember your day.

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