Platinum vs Gold Wedding Bands

Posted by Patti Wellington on Thu, Feb 04,2010 @ 10:44 AM

Wedding bands represent the bond the two of you share and show the world that you are husband and wife, so it’s natural that you’ll want them to reflect your tastes.  While the other jewelry you wear every day – including the bride's wedding ring and engagement ring – my influence your choice, it shouldn’t be the only factor.



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Here are some things you should know:

Plain gold wedding bands have a long history with weddings.  In ancient Rome, gold rings symbolized everlasting love and commitment.  Today, they are available in many shades, such as yellow, rose and white (which is actually silver in color). Gold is durable but is known to lose its luster sooner than other metals - which can be easily restored with polishing

Platinum is rare and therefore, more expensive than gold.  It pairs beautifully with diamonds, making it a favorite for wedding rings.  Though it is resilient, it is softer than gold, and over time a platinum band may show some scrapes. As long as they are shallow, a jeweler can remove them easily through polishing.  Platinum can be finished in different ways for a distinctive look. A high polish will give it a reflective appearance, while a satin, brushed, or matte ring will have more subtle shine.  A platinum ring will also be hypoallergenic, unlike a gold one, since the gold used in jewelry is combined will alloy that some people are allergic to.

When shopping for bands, visit several jewelers and try on many styles with your engagement ring to see what looks best. Keep in mind; you don’t have to match the metals. If you find a platinum band you adore but have a gold engagement ring, you might opt to wear your wedding band on your left hand and your engagement ring on your right.   

It’s also not necessary for the bride and groom to select matching bands.  No matter which precious metal you choose, the rings you wear will be priceless to you.




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